Monthly Archives: April 2012

What If You Could Fly?

Wouldn’t it be great if we succeeded at everything we tried the first time?

FlexTALK® Long Code SMS Can Make Your Marketing Soar!

Learn to use the path less traveled for unique success.

Don’t Eat Dog Food!

Don't Eat Dog Food Because Of Bad Text Messaging!

When your mobile marketing isn’t working, you get frustrated;

When you get frustrated, you think you should imitate others;

When you imitate others, you start annoying your customers;

When you annoy your customer’s, your business sales drop;

When your business sales drop, your boss gets angry;

When your boss gets angry, your boss makes you eat dog food!


Start using Long Code for Text Messaging to engage your customer’s and bring your sales up.

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OMG! Slow It Down

Somtimes we all just need to take a step back and have a cuppa!FlexTALK® Long Code SMS Get's Your Marketing Priorities Straight!

Please do not mistake my words….I need some coffee!

Tis A Sin To Leave Money Lying About…

Are you letting your competition talk to your customers for you?

FlexTALK® SMS using long code to communicate with your customers


Stay in the game and let your texting empower your presence.  Talk to your customers before someone else does!